Wednesday, July 01, 2020


Tabbedout is a mobile payment application that allows customers to pay their Focus tabs directly from their mobile devices simply and securely. Your customers simply download the Tabbedout App to their mobile device and are immediately able to review and pay their tabs with a touch of a button. Your staff will love Tabbedout because they will have more time to serve customers instead of processing credit cards payments. This will result in increased sales and tips, especially at peak times. Tabbedout integrates seamlessly with Focus and does not require additional hardware. Focus and Tabbedout is a win for the customer, a win for your staff and a win for you!

 Increase Sales
Your staff can spend more time pouring drinks and offering personal service and less time closing tabs and printing checks. Patrons spend more when they know they can leave at their leisure. Your waitstaff and bartenders are guaranteed a minimum tip amount. Your location will be visible to thousands of potential new customers via the Tabbedout application.
 Payment Security
Payment information is provided and verified up-front when a patron opens a tab with Tabbedout. No more requiring the patron to hand over their credit card to open a tab. No more walked checks or credit cards left behind at the end of the night.
 Create Efficiency
Patrons can now open a tab at the bar while waiting for their table and quickly get seated when their table is ready by closing their tab on their phone. Proven efficiency gains of up to 15% on a busy night allows you to serve more food and drinks, increasing you revenue and the guest experience. Patrons can pay their portion of a split tab directly from Tabbedout meaning no more hassle for your staff.
 Get Tabbedout
Tabbedout is a free download from the iPhone App Store and Android Market. No separate online account required. Simple enrollment process - takes minutes if not seconds to complete. Credit card information is stored securely on the customer's phone under encryption and they have the ability to set a passphrase for optimum security.
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