Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Quick Service

Focus for Counter and Quick Service allows employees to start taking orders quickly and accurately from the day they are hired. Up to 150 buttons, which include menu items, payments and discounts, can be displayed on one screen to maximize the speed of service. Integrated credit cards and gift cards eliminate the need to use a separate machine and when using Internet based processors achieve 2-3 second authorization times.

Focus is flexible enough to handle multiple revenue centers (counter service, drive thru, phone-in orders) within the same restaurant. Restaurant reports can then be broken down and viewed for individual revenue centers.

Quick Service specific features such as automatic modifier requirements, customer displays, kitchen video, one behind ordering, restricted error corrects, fingerprint control, sales accountability, packaged commands, cash trays, blind checkouts, offline credit, automatic menu changes, printer rerouting, production reports, real-time labor percentage and drive thru automatic order retrieval are just a few of the features that allows Focus to excel in Quick Service restaurants.

Additionally, optional modules such as High Speed Credit Card Interface, Gift Card Interface, House Accounts, Delivery, Property Management, Scheduling and Inventory Control can be utilized to maximize profits, improve customer service, reduce training time and produce an unparalleled point of sale user experience.


 Quick Service Brochure

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