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Sales, labor, item counts, inventory, sales contest and daily reports are just a few of the many reports built into Focus Reporting. Unlimited data can be retained for historical reporting. Reports can be e-mailed or sent via text message at specified times or intervals throughout the day. Reports can also be setup to import into QuickBooks.


 Daily Sales Report

The Daily Sales Report provides a comprehensive view of the restaurant’s daily activity including sales by shift, guest counts, number of checks, menu category sales, discounts, voids, payments, order type totals, paid ins and paid outs, deposits, refunds, gift cards, advances, taxes, tip fees and tips paid out.
 Labor & Sales Reports
Payroll Reports (calculate employee wages, by job, based on a weekly or bi-monthly pay period), Labor % Reports (calculate the labor hours, labor cost and labor percentage), Attendance Reports (display the employee clock in and outs, breaks, sales, tip information and total hours worked), Overtime Limit Reports (identify employees that have or are about to go into overtime) and Interval Reports (display sales information, labor costs and labor percentage for the user-defined time periods) are a few of the basic labor reports for Focus Reporting.
 Checkout & Cashier Reports
Checkout Reports provide a comprehensive view of the employee’s shift activity including guest counts, number of checks, PPA, no sale and open drawer counts, menu category sales, discounts, voids, payments, paid ins and paid outs, gift cards, advances, drops, taxes, tip fees and tips paid out.
 Product Mix Reports
Product Mix Reports display the menu item’s sales including the price, cost, units sold, % of sales, cost/sales, profit/sales and gross profit.
 Sales Contest
Sales Contest Reports can be used to help increase sales for the restaurant by displaying real time contest results on blackboards easily viewed by the wait staff and management. Contests can be based on specific menu items, gift card sales, units sold, sales, sales % by guest, unit to unit %, and sales to sales %. Sales Contest Reports can additionally be setup for a day, date range or a day part.
 Inventory Reports
Inventory Reports use physical inventories, entered invoices and actual items sold to calculate inventory reports such as Inventory On Hand Reports (calculate the theoretical inventory in stock for the selected inventory items), Production Reports (display the quantity of inventory items used for the selected time period), Inventory Usage Analysis Reports (calculate the variance by comparing the physical and theoretical inventories) and Inventory Reorder Reports (calculate the inventory items that need to be ordered based on the theoretical inventory on hand and the pre-configured par levels for each item).
 Employee Performance Reports
Employee Performance Reports are customizable reports that compare employee sales data such as number of guests, number of checks, sales by guest, sales by check, average check time, error correct count, no sale count, number of voids, void dollar amount, number of discounts, discount dollar amount, total items sold and total item dollar amount for a specified time period.
 Gift Card Reports
Gift Card Reports display the following information for gift card sales and redemptions: date and time sold, amount, the employee that entered the sale, and the check number associated with the sale.
 House Account Statements
Detailed and summary House Account Statements can be generated for customers with minimum balances. House Account Statements include the customer’s name, address, the transaction’s date and time, type, amount and the associated check number.
 Customer Loyalty Reports
Loyalty Reports display the points earned, points redeemed, current points, discount award amount, coupon issued, date and time, and the check number for each customer loyalty transaction.
 Media Reports
Media Reports display detailed payment information for each payment type including the payment amount, tip amount, total and check number.
 GL Interface Reports (QuickBooks, ACCPAC and compatible programs)
GL Interface Reports are used to export daily sales information to import into QuickBooks, ACCPAC or compatible accounting programs.
 Other Report Types
In addition to the previously listed reports above, Focus Reporting is also capable of generating Void/Discount Reports, Paid In and Paid Out Reports, Batch Reports, Collection Reports (multiple reports that are processed with one press of a button), Cumulative Sales, Weekly Item Count Reports, Drawer Reports and many more.

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