Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Kitchen Video

Focus integrates with kitchen display systems such as Logic Controls, QSR and MicroPlus Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) to deliver an alternative to traditional kitchen printers. Up to 8, easy to read, color enhanced kitchen orders can be displayed at a time. Powerful tools are built into the KDS to increase customer speed of service and employee productivity while helping reduce waste. In addition to delivering orders to kitchen staff, the KDS can also be used as a tool for the manager to evaluate the productivity of the various areas of the restaurant. Production statistics are available for each video station as well as for the entire store. Some of the KDS kitchen video features include recalled orders, order tracking, highlighted orders, multiple monitors/orders and bumpbars.
 Flexible Order Routing
Orders can be displayed on the fly, one behind or in batch mode. Automatic routing is available by item or register for peak times.
 Recalled Orders
Orders are easily recalled for review once cleared (bumped).
 Order Tracking
All pending and queued items may be summarized. Key items are tracked on each screen.
 Multiple Monitors & Orders
Up to 8 displays may be linked together with each screen capable of displaying up to 8 orders. All open orders can be viewed by scrolling to additional pages.
Bumpbars are used to view and remove up to 8 orders at a time. Optional beepers at each bumpbar will allow for add-on orders.


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