Wednesday, July 01, 2020


Focus comes with basic inventory controls to help calculate the number of items sold, food costs and countdown items. The optional Inventory Module has greater functionality and is used to further control inventory costs. Recipes can be created for each inventoried menu item to calculate the ideal food cost. Invoices and inventories can be entered into Focus to calculate the variance on the Usage Analysis Report. The Inventory On-Hand Report uses real-time sales information to calculate on-hand inventory counts. The Inventory Reorder Report uses par levels and minimum purchases to determine the products that need to be ordered.


 Inventory Items and Recipes

Menu Items are entered into Focus and recipes are associated with them. Each recipe contains one or more inventory items received from various vendors. Inventory items are counted in inventory, received via invoices and depleted through sales.  
 Entering Invoices and Inventories
Invoices are received into Focus Inventory to calculate the theoretical inventory. Physical inventories are entered and compared to the theoretical inventory on hand to calculate variances.
 Inventory Reporting
Inventory items may be grouped together for reporting purposes. Inventory reports use physical inventories, entered invoices and actual items sold to calculate the following Inventory Reports.
Inventory On Hand Reports calculate the theoretical inventory in stock for the selected inventory items.
Inventory Usage Analysis Reports calculate the variance by comparing the physical and theoretical inventories.
Production Reports display the quantity of an inventory item used for the selected time period.
Inventory Reorder Reports calculate the inventory items that need to be ordered based on the theoretical inventory on hand and the pre-configured par levels for each item.


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