Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Focus Enterprise

Focus EnterpriseFocus Enterprise Reporting consolidates multiple locations to a centralized reporting center. Data from each restaurant is automatically backed up to the corporate office. Reports can be viewed for individual restaurants and comparisons made by restaurant or region to determine sales trends. Menu and price changes can be made at the corporate office and set to automatically update restaurants at specified times.
Focus Enterprise’s flexible report configuration allows data to be evaluated in an unlimited number of ways. All reports at the restaurant level can be viewed via Focus Enterprise for any restaurant. Additionally, Focus Enterprise is capable of consolidating sales and item based information from multiple restaurants to help identify sales trends for restaurants and regions.
 Data Backup
Restaurants upload their sales information on a nightly basis to provide an offsite data backup in case a catastrophic event occurs (i.e. fire, theft, hardware failure, etc). Focus Enterprise gives you confidence that your restaurant’s valuable data is at your fingertips.
 Menu Downloads
Menus are easily changed, downloaded and installed for selected restaurants using Focus Enterprise. Focus Enterprise can control the restaurant's ability to change certain programming options such as menu pricing, report setup, employee pay rates, etc.
 Corporate Messages
Corporate Messages improve communications between corporate office and management/staff at individual restaurants. Messages (such as introducing a corporate-wide sales contest) are easily created and then downloaded for selected employees using Focus Enterprise.


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