Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Auditing and Control

Control and auditing functionality within a point of sale is paramount in Quick Service restaurants. Numerous control and auditing features within Focus ensure accountability is maintained throughout each step of the point of sale process. Drive Thru Control, Cash Trays, Blind Checkouts and IP Camera Logs are a few of the critical audit and control features within Focus Quick Service.


 Drive Thru Control

Drive Thru orders are automatically recalled in the order they were placed (first in, first out). Multiple registers can be used to take orders, modify and pay them out. Additionally, order type sales reports are available that distinguish dine in and drive thru sales.
 Cash Trays
Cash Trays may be used to provide cash accountability totals for a group of employees assigned to the same cash drawer. Payments collected by each employee are totaled on a Cash Tray Report that is printed when the drawer is closed at the end of the shift. Cash Tray Reports also display the following information: shift inventory count information, paid outs, paid ins, discounts, etc.
 Blind Checkouts
Focus allows the manager to perform a Blind Checkout for each employee assigned to a cash drawer. Employees can simply clock out and declare the amount of cash in the cash drawer. Managers can then print a drawer report, count down the drawer and determine the over/short for the employee’s previously worked shift.
 IP Camera Log
The optional IP Camera Log interface allows register activity (such as discounts, voids, no sales, error corrects, etc.) to be easily inserted into the video feed and viewed from remote locations.

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