Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Speed of Service

Speed of service is a key component when choosing the proper software solution for your delivery restaurant. Focus’ unique ability to model your restaurant’s order taking procedures for each order type (delivery, carryout, and pick up) ensures orders are entered as quickly and accurately as possible. Caller ID, Online Maps, Automatic Street Complete and Repeat Orders are just a few of the many features that are commonly used to increase speed of service.


 Caller ID

Focus Delivery integrates with the Rochelle Multi-Line Adapter to capture incoming caller ID data on up to eight phone lines. The caller ID data is used to automatically access the following information for existing customers: name, address, delivery zone, delivery instructions, customer status options (bad check, do not accept check, VIP, do not deliver) as well as previous orders and cumulative order history. Having this information instantly available allows your employees to greet each and every customer with a personalized welcome.
 Online Maps
New drivers will appreciate the integration Focus has with Yahoo!® Maps. Focus Mapping allows drivers to quickly access maps and directions for the selected delivery orders. Just select the delivery order and touch the Map button to display an easy to read map to the customer's address.
 Automatic Street Complete
The Focus Automatic Street Complete feature allows employees to quickly and accurately enter street addresses for new customers. A list of matching street names automatically appear as the employee enters an address. A street name may be selected from the list to populate the customer’s street, city, state and zip code fields. A correct address associated with a customer helps to ensure orders will be delivered on time.
 Repeat Orders
After existing customers call in, their previous orders are automatically displayed on the customer screen with the most recent order displayed first. Previous orders can be easily reordered with a touch of a button. Repeating orders helps speed up order taking and ensures order accuracy.


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