Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Auditing and Control

Control and auditing functionality within a point of sale is critical for delivery restaurants. Numerous control and auditing features within Focus ensure accountability is maintained throughout each step of the delivery process. Customer Qualifiers, Fast Return of Drivers, Drops and Customer Labels are a few of the critical audit and control features within Focus Delivery.


 Customer Qualifiers

Focus Delivery allows your staff to enter free form comments for each customer. Additionally, the following pre-defined qualifiers can be associated with each customer: do not deliver, bad check, VIP, allow charge and require approval. Customer qualifiers are prominently displayed when a customer places an order. The use of customer qualifiers and appropriate free form comments help employees determine the manner in which the customer’s delivery order will be handled.
 Fast Return of Drivers
Focus Fast Driver Returns automatically prompts drivers to cash out open checks from their most recent delivery. Cashing out open checks immediately upon return reduces inadvertent modification and accidental assignments to checks. Additionally, driver checkouts are expedited because fewer checks are open (already closed) at the end of their shift resulting in decreased labor costs.
Drops are used to keep the amount of cash drivers carry to a minimum. Using Focus Delivery, drivers can quickly transfer (drop) cash from deliveries to the house or manager on duty. The driver’s drop amount is reflected in the cash accountability section of their checkout report. Carrying less cash improves driver safety, reduces the chance of lost money and just makes good business sense.
 Customer Labels
Keeping in contact with your customers helps to keep your restaurant's profits booming. Customer labels can be printed to mail marketing or promotional advertisements to customers that have not visited in a while. E-mail lists can also be generated to help market new products or promotions.


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