Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Bars & Nightclubs

Focus excels in the Bar and Nightclub scene. Focus minimizes the number of touches to ring in an order and start a tab which increases productivity and improves customer service. With the lightning quick Focus Fast Bar Screen, the end result is a happy guest and increased profits. Bartenders can start a tab by simply swiping a credit card or entering the customer’s name. Accessing open tabs is easy when using the Tab List Screen. Up to 64 tabs can be displayed on one screen and are sorted alphabetically for easy identification and access. For those hard to remember or infrequent drink orders, bartenders can simply look up the pre-defined recipe of a cocktail or shot with a touch of a button.

Focus is flexible enough to handle multiple revenue centers (cocktail, bar and table areas) within the same restaurant. Reports can then be broken down and viewed for individual revenue centers.

Bar and Nightclub specific features such as tab list screens, hidden subtotals, pre-authorizations, repeat rounds, timed rates (pool table timers), simultaneous multiple user logins, automatic modifier requirements, restricted error corrects, fingerprint control, age verification, evenly split checks, sales accountability, packaged commands, cash trays, blind checkouts, offline credit, automatic menu changes, printer rerouting, cash and carry features and real-time labor percentages are just a few of the features that make Focus excel in Bars and Nightclubs.

Additionally, optional modules such as Age Verification, High Speed Credit Card Interface, Gift Card Interface, House Accounts, Delivery, Property Management, Scheduling and Inventory Control can be utilized to maximize profits, improve customer service, reduce training time and produce an unparalleled point of sale user experience.


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